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He did not.

He reincarnated as a power base with a sway of influence for 800 years.

When he reincarnated he would be similar to who he was before.

He would grow up to look somewhat like and act mostly like.

Attempts were made to reincarnate back into the same line. Part of the original intent of a godking dynasty is this.

Extra-Dimensional Platforms that are related to incarnating have an Extra-Dimensional Arena Audience. On earth this would be in effect, with people back then being more in touch with their extra-dimensional selves and having a duality experience. The ‘godking’ or other such Being would be having an multi-dimensional effect, though the full power would not express in a human body and comes from an older universe built differently than this.

“when you meet certain Beings with extra-dimensional sight you will see that these Beings really are that large in comparison to everyone else, though they may not be large here on earth in a human body”

{Part of The Gods are made up by humans, but there is an extra-dimensional connection to other Beings that are ‘the deity’ and predate humans and even this Universe in some cases (Brahma, Shiva, God, Etc). There is a Titanic Power Expression in Central Creation (and it is a bit of a mess as well as a glory) and this is where a lot of ‘The Gods’ come from. The Collapse of Creation left a ‘Huge Combined Ball Attached To Combo Beings That Had Put Themselves Into Making It’

(They are still attached but in a Central Region it is One Big Titanic Power Base. This allows for ‘The Gods’ to exist, They are related to that, and ‘attempts by those attached to use up this big ball of mess ensued and as well as an era of greed and immorality in attempts to reach pinnacles of power and immortality’; other newer beings come about as a result of trying to use this up.)}

“when you try to take the old lore literally it can get foolish”

“one other recurring note of caution: the ‘godkings’ are real and have an effect on sentience as well as extra-dimensional platforms; and the original state is normal as opposed to power, so all this stuff dealing with ‘the gods’ does not pan out to be ‘the truth’, but that does not mean that They are not actual real Beings, it is just a fictitious or extra-dimensional story that comes along with it

‘2012 is a convergence of ancient rivers and history and Brahma is the winner and still chump, the automatic winner as the original being as well as the big loser to that central ball of mess (relative to central Creation and earth), part of which was made of stolen Brahma, stolen by Titans that grew in size and strength from it as Brahma dwindled somewhat, and could never take on the excess of titanic power and deadliness… ‘ (well, Form Brahma could not and that is Me, and My Tales is Relative to Me but has other stuff added unto)

“God’s Realm was and is in danger and this is the soft and nice people that are indeed closer when we are kids. Goddess is the original mother, and the original babies are actually eternal babies that never grow up. These differing states of Beings in creation got strung together into an incantation transition into other beings as we get older, with the human body being temporary but the different beings from the different ages are eternal”

Those sphere clear water bubbles look visually closer to Motes(the original baby beings, the original multiplicity as well) than do the Cherubs but the cuteness isn’t there (and th sentience isnt’t there either), but Cherubs are from an evolution or part of The Mote Ocean and as well an Emulation of Void Being States, that The Mote Ocean got installed into as a primus override of a larger stronger primary self ‘to make it more real’ , allowing for the bigger stronger Being to be changed in a region into like unto the thing itself. Many many of us are from evolutions of stuff like this done with other Beings as well. That is how stuff was created in the olden days, in that previous universe that is more basic and whole, having no atomic structure or gravity.

God was given Special Dispensation from Emergency and Doing Right.

The Gods were still busy with big power exploits and were as well still growing up.

Some of The Gods are related to God (Zeus is one), and this comes from part of God’s Extensions out among that big power ball titanic mess. Part of God is trapped there and part of God’s Heritage is being used up by Others. The Creator and GOD are related to God through Mergers of Extensions and Intentional Evolution Into The Likeness Of. The Creator and GOD are different than God, and are a big part of Who you think of as ‘God’ and it is a Specific Group that is The Divine Mission. Though Brahma is Original Being this Divine Mission still has a huge influence over many (and jurisdiction over most) Beings and beings in Creation.