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Aligning yourself with this larger and older Sentience in ways set forth in part by that very Sentience is part of The Magical Journey and The Spiritual Journey and as well works with a Functionality Filtration System and a Lockdown of Full Experience.

There are also evolutions that are not magical and the original larger thing was and is not magical. Part of it got changed into magical by mergers, much of it now rejects magical as too much change and too dangerous and wants things contained.

Part of the same original Being also loves magical and is one of the fathers of the magical path, learning and furthering the ways of magic, which started with new Realms related to fainter or lesser states within. They are what Causal Realities descend from. These, like magic, are weaker Realities. The Mind State as opposed to The Body State, but The Original is both as one original unified thing that is not strong with a big ego or gentle and spiritual, but not as evolved into these solidified poles. These were just two things that descended from some normal thing that had always existed, but changed by nature of an infinite daydream within. {Original Eternal Infinite Brahma and The Ptah Daydream}. Law and Chaos are related, with Body -Law[OB, God] and Mind-Chaos(OP, Ptah) being part of the heritage.

Magical and Spiritual were evolved within Original Normal. They are new and unique and specialized places and states. There effect does not extend out infinitely,, it is regional.

It takes Help from Them or it takes being born a specific type of Being (most of which are not messiahs, avatars, or prophets) to have this extra-dimensional experience. There are three or four types and each deals with a different state or being as well as Region within Creation.



Mundane Macro Man

Mixture of All The Above

{there are probably more, these were just attempt to describe some of it while}

{Note: Functionality Filtration is very akin to the actual workings of Aligning with The Divine. There are good regions and bad regions, there are success stories and failures, there is the autonomous free self and the shared load karmic wheel and group endeavor. Part of The Self or The Person is a Macro Being and this has all been reworked in areas. Relative to Earth there is The Macro Being that you are made of and a lot of smaller evolution of self or mergers with other Beings in smaller sections to make even more people.

That is who you are and where you came from originally, as a sentience that incarnates here. Here is also an organic body with more than one thing going on, so there may be a prime person and there may be others along with this and these are not just different facets of your personality (which also exist) they are anchored in other Beings that are part of the larger ocean of Self that you are made of

By doing spiritual practices with sincerity and grace and and elite mind set towards spirituality with a disciplined reverent intent and ability to change one is naturally doing things that are what the divine is towards as well as getting functionality coned to them.

This can relate to the group endeavor and karmic wheel, and as well is leadership and lights and the ability to alchemize or transform others spiritually/mentally/emotionally. This has and actual extra-dimensional larger arena attached to it. But the overall method has many problems as well as many great successes. Too much of a load was shoulder or foisted on others, stuff was hoarded by those that functional at elite levels, the untouched regions desire and need to stay untouched by the problems that spread.}