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Me goes all the way back to The Dawn of Creation.

This is Brahma and Ptah Daydream Era.

Part of Brahma was down in Ptah through Brahma-Ptah and Proto-Ptah Regions.

These 4 things Merged by Nature from this Era of Oneness. The Brahma Presence in Ptah Daydream was strong back then and since this had all been One Being originally a Merger happened naturally. Me is never as strong as Brahma, but being Brahma down in Creation Me has Re-Merged with Brahma many times. {This got Usurped by Titans and Me never made it back to being Brahma}

Brahma Original Being

Brahma-Ptah -> Me

Proto-Ptah -> Me

Ptah Daydream -> Me

{Peter Ptah is a Me, as another Combination Being, with Proto-Ptah. The Ptah parts of Me are more creative and the Brahma parts of Me are more able}