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He is a Being from a similar origins to Me but He evolved Bright Lite Intrinsic Archangelic King.

This has a natural effect on sentience.

The older and larger stuff is still Normal, so though He outranks and outshines Me it is still not the full truth.

He is Supreme Brahma and Helios with part of the same Region as Me, and as well is part Ptah, Proto-Ptah, Brahma-Ptah and Grey Brahma.

Early on in Creation there are different things happening within Brahma. Region of Merger are where Supreme Brahma most likely originates, and this would be Brahma, OB, Grey Brahma, Brahma-Ptah, Proto-Ptah, Ptah and of course Me (the early Combo of B BP PP P).

Helios is another major part of He.

Helios was part of Form Brahma with Supreme Brahma that condensed down further and this created Om Void, which is where God’s Origins are (along with OB Region).

Grey Brahma and OP are The Ptah Daydream Stabilizer and Brahma as Ptah, and Brahma as Brahma-Ptah, and Brahma as Supreme Brahma, etc. This is The Emperor while He is The King,

GB-OP and BP and OB and Brahma seem to be where Supreme Brahma originates. He is a mixture of these Beings. {why does this matter to you? It is The History of The King of Archangels, and part of Jesus. GB-OP are part of Muhammad. OB is part of Moses.}

“these true ancient Tales are literally so old that Jesus is an unknown Being/Region and God is a youngster growing old”