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I like the idea of science and engineering finding a method of directly cleaning the atmosphere of greenhouse gases and pollutants.

Science has achieved miracle after miracle.

But… like I said before you can solve global warming and end the destruction of the environment and endangering of species, and properly regulate the economy and it still will not be enough.

“everybody that doesn’t want to work doesn’t have to work (as in ‘get a job’), and everybody that wants to work gets to work (with plenty of jobs to fill).”

This isn’t Peter Pipe-Dream ‘The Pied Piper.

This is a Scientifically Factual plan for Utopia’.

These are the hurdles:

Landowner Paradigm (wrongful control of the land; ridiculous as well)

Patent Paradigm (gives too much power to inventor and investor and costs everyone else; automation makes making stuff very easy)

{both of these are legally changeable due to what they are and what they do in the larger context of a whole civilization as opposed to a few at the top; going for limited change instead of complete change covers the bases on the other side (which do exist and are ignored by the backlash push of revolution)

Being forced to work for 40 years is illegal, forcing people to go to school so they can get a job and work for 40 years is also illegal.

{I don’t expect this stuff to be on the ballot at this point but I do expect the mindset to start moving towards this as opposed to status quo pseudo-crime in progress business as usual… and that means as well that They expect this and He expects this… and presto magic rapture only solves part of the problem but can help, but it is Us that must change to bring change, and this is a fact as opposed to a philosophy built on spirituality that is not as large as it needs to be or old enough to be what it was trying to be, though it really is important and helpful}