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The Landowner Paradigm set the ship off course and it is not realistic to change it in certain areas. But this Catch 22 of the firmly established landowner paradigm and the proper distribution of dwelling space for civilization is not a Catch 22 to be left in legal limbo while the land continues to get bought and sold, and trillions of dollars are to be spent for infrastructure and fighting global warming and the military.

This gets to be the other big expenditure you keep dodging and it can be seen as reparations paid to all those forced to live and work in your landowner society that do not agree with it and want and need a better civilization that your landowner society is in the way of, legally speaking.

And the grievances of the hardships that come along with jobs and rent and utilities and the taking away our freedom and rights the way you have to fit into your landowner working man paradigm are real, shall be legally binding, all such ‘realism’ arguments on the side of the status quo need to get struck down, legally.

This is not realism it is not listening (and forcing your society on us, and we disagree with you and always have and always will). You Simply Are Not Right, You Do Not Belong In Control, You Make The Same Decisions Every Time That You Call Realism But Is A Form Of Slavery Without A Slave Owner, Literally

“But stay the hell out of nature, quit chopping it down to build homes for your sprawl, give us our rightful lands and resources for Cornucopia Utopia, and all the citizens of the country who want to flee there shall have a right to, and all that want to flock to working man city shall have a right to”