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The Myth becomes The Mystical becomes Materialized.

Ideas are gotten from all over the place, including earth.

Due to Our Origins when we see a small white sphere it is related to God or Goddess.

God is White, and Goddess is Clear and White. This may have been part of something that They evolved that They chose to further evolve and specialize in.

Many things existed as potentialities within Brahma and Brahma never knew even a smattering of the full scale of things when expressed out. Creation is a materialized/solidified expression of those potentialities.

Creation was a bit of a wildfire evolving new things in many directions or even all directions possible (which includes amorality in this group, those who are inconsiderate of the effect they have on others).

“So sitting here on Earth one could see Venus and invent an entire Myth, and extra-dimensionally one may have an ‘experience’ with Venus and Goddess, with part of an evolution that originally predates the planet Venus” {and it would get Written into Reality in Other Dimensions}

This is part of how Myth really works, it has Anchors in Other Realities that are Real and some of which Predate The Big Bang Universe.

They are here but There, outside of this Dimension. Here Venus is a hot inhospitable planet but There it is Goddess and Love. A real planet, it may even be larger than Venus due to macro origins, but in some or many regions size and scale the people are far larger in comparison as opposed to humans and earth sized planets.

There is a Core Place, one that is smaller than Goddess, and then there are other places made of the same stuff, and these are other Venus’.

The Deity are both here on earth and there extra-dimensionally and are able to do things that effect Sentience elsewhere, where it has always existed and exists between incarnations (Heaven and Hell are God’s Ballgame and I will let Their Prophet flounder through that one, though these really do exist in other Dimensions, this is not Original History stuff but from titanic era endeavors and rewards and punishments… an era of elevated states and excesses We are slowly overcoming).