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The Combative Method that comes with Debate as well carries another Effect of similar problem.

“we are working in a Coned Power Arena or unknown origins {it is now somewhat known origins but still far too powerful to overcome} that have some inertia of force problems and having been built off stuff too warlike or predatory or contained evil, so when we go for the coup de grace it backlashes in an upset victory, snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat”

Always remember that neither side is fully accurate but is fully sure of itself, and indeed must remain true to itself to some degree, honest with itself as well. But as well both sides need to understand where they are blowing it on a larger scale that the other side is pointing out instead of coagulating into cliques that regurgitate apparent truths and rely on group belief instead of foundational facts.

A way to exploit the foundational facts was discovered and with innocent until proven guilty and plausible deniability in partnership with a stonewall called the whole method into question.

Transparency at a 100% level and citizen oversight of all government functions is the obvious answer but that was illegally stymied, though they got away with it using another tactic, national security.

National Security needs to be cut loose from government and ruler. There are only a few categories of things that would really fall into this category and are military related for the most part.

Citizens need to be able to probe up the chain of command of National Security as well, if it is going to be used to shut down important oversight by civilians. Only the truly top secret needs to be left, and it is basically not allowed to have contact with the ruler function of the government nor have special powers.

“protecting the government from an uprising of disgruntled citizens does not constitute national security, stupid”

Propaganda as well needs to get spotted and hounded until it is in ashes on the ground.