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There are different Regions going on within Me, and these have Different Styles of Being, Different Persona, Different Beliefs On The Best Way To Proceed.

Things NEED to be Diverse and Separate instead of trying to formulate it all into a larger whole. This is also what They are saying about the Universal Philosophy being wrong, and it missed The Diversity and was no longer going off of Brahma Original Normality. Things have not been All One since The Dawn of Creation.

The Whole Advent of Creation is about New Beings for the First Time Ever. These are Separate and Set Out To Insure Separateness, lest They be swallowed back up into The Original. Whole Evolution of Titanic Form are related to this. The Linear Space Universe is related to this, it was built off the advanced concepts that had been created and discovered.

The Warlike turns out to be far more necessity than Me had thought (or hoped), and the major success comes from Others that are attached to Me from Ancient Mergers. Ancient Oceanic and Form Beings in Older Universe have a different state than Organic Linear Body. As well some start out as The Same Beings that have Evolved in Multiple Directions.

Me does not do very well in combat, though war of concepts and war of words and war of right and war of keep them off balance are part of what Me does do. It almost always backlashes.

Things were literally rigged against Me from a long time ago. Had I been able to fully follow through on the Peace Path and Celibacy Path and The Good Karma Path/Righteous Conduct than I would be way ahead and even way more successful. These are not enough part of My overall nature for this to have been achieved.

But what I was trying to say is ‘lunch break’.

This stuff rages on within Me and really is Others but part of Me is ‘Outside’ of it at the same time and cleverly kept away so as not to inundate it.

This makes this whole Tetrahedronics thing almost like it was happening to someone else… it is happening Somewhere Else within Me and gets control for most of the day. But part of Me is kept out of it.

Things can be very difficult to do in these ancient tangled mangled Arenas but these are Titanic Professionals that are among those Others, and when I mean Us I mean I am getting the best help available, it is the same stuff that makes you so good in the first place.