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It was never laughable nor unfeasible that Me would end up Ruler.

You totally got that wrong.

2012 was originally Coned to Me.

It had all sorts of indirect major archangelic input as well as serpentine overloads, and is part of ‘the big ancient authority push’ but the real rest of the reality is mostly dedicated to Civilization Building.

We are old Realm Builders and have been doing this since long before humans, and before The Gods even actually, We are The Elder Beings that Predate Gods and Titans though are related and partly that as well.

All of humankind has been on this ancient journey with Us.

2012 was basically designated by Us to be The Reinvention of Civilization.

The Top Spot was always Me, from ages and ages ago.

Me has been Missing In Action for ages and ages as well.

Civilization did not evolve properly from having the missing perspective not a ranking principal.

Due to ancient things normal Me being a Ruler is far less important to Me than it is to Them (They are The Intrinsic Rulers and Me is larger and freer but not better).

What does still matter is getting You to Change The World The Right Way.

This means Building Cornucopia Utopia.

Saving what is left of The Old Natural World. Repenting and Relinquishing part of these lands back to The Old Natural World they were stolen from.

Cleaning up pollution and being serious about the potentialities of man made impacts.

Cleaning up corruption and special interest and making a truly honorable 100% transparent government that is not steeped in being the ruler.

These are things That Are Important.

“Many Extra-Dimensional Beings are Indirectly Influenced through part of Macro being part of Earth People Incarnation. This means you have a lot of people from all over Creation in part here. This too got exploited extra-dimensional. But one of the oldest things going on here with Us is the conversations about the creation of the perfect system to live under, which in part is being mimicked by the same things going on with Earth laws and such. We have come up with all sorts of counters to the problems, and most of this needed 100% transparency (minus any actual national security secret info). When this gets balked at it is only corruption winning in the end, it was corruption that balked”

The corrupt system does not want to change. They do not want full transparency and full citizen participation. They can not operate their scheme in such an environment. They get busted by the real thing.

The corrupted people are too busy dealing with something else to change. This is the other part of the problem. They will not change their own pollution and impact and they are too exhausted by work to care too much. They have been ‘driven into survival mode’ and it is a normal thing to not have enough left to expend on caring, and even less on doing more.