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The main reason that The USA and Europe cannot properly police the world and remove the “Myanmar Massacres” of the world all comes down to Russia, Sponsor of The Ills of The World.

We can sit here and bandy words but this is the straight up truth.

How does one bring down the impossible? Well, nothing you have done has worked, and you gotta rely on making some new miracle weapons and ways to shut down nuclear retaliation… which is about impossible at this point in human history,

So one goes for changing the people and they will change the government eventually, which kind of already happened but fell short failed.

So in the end there really isn’t much other than Thumpin’ Them Extra-Dimensionally, but once again this is a very similar scenario and it is Titanic Power Bases that one is up against.

It becomes odd how closely these things are related, but it does deal with old Realm Beings, Titanic Lockdowns of Sentience Gone Rogue, and The Might Makes Right Era of Titanic Takeover.

This ‘stuff’ is all a Part of Who We Are as The People of Earth. We are made of a bunch of different stuff now from different regions and it all plays out differently here on earth but not that differently.