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There are two competing things here, and one is more communist than the other, and this is of course about landowners.

The communist thing has you living in the city for free and growing your own food there and in outlaying areas.

Utopia is all set up for you and honed down, not the way it is now if you tried to do it on your own, and without full knowledge. It will be staple items to install and hoards of fellow citizens doing the same.

The Middle Path has a division into Regulated Capitalist Landowner and Western We The Free People Edited-Communist Non-Owned Lands. This is similar to Public but actually more We The People.

Public = Government Owned by the present system.

We The People are NOT The Government.

The Government is NOT We The People.

These Two Things Shall Clash Eventually. The Government Will Further Change. It Is The Thing That Is Not Working Out.