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There is a lot that we shunt aside and get on with it over. But just like injustice never overcome on earth and the anger this brings there is a macro level variety of this far older, and actually related on some level.

In certain regions the present Titanic Government Injustice System that we sort of live under here on earth is no longer The Ranking Authority.

As far as the rant goes we are in all sorts of bad situations living with injustices on par with some of the worst earth governments ever to have existed.

This is not the majority though, but what is the majority relative to earth too much resembles earthly authority that we are rebellious against and this ancient state we are in is more decisive or rebellions or overt in these elder dimensions and after all of these ages and ages and ages and ages we are quicker to strike.

There is one long process of Overcoming and Lockdown[Mandatory, Iron Fist Factual] or Shutdown(Voluntary, Lawful Internal Hardwired, Philosophy Assisted Self-Policing).

Things like Christianity and Islam are actually a part of this and have real Extra-Dimensional Platforms. This is The Big Stuff I am talking about here.

But all along Normal is the original thing and there is all sorts of normal behavior that applies unlike the big spiritual thing Someone selected that we should all become, without the actual all and everything facts about us and we, and well, ya’ll and whatever…