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I’m GOING to Change your system! It’s My Job(e).

“in reality many many many many ages ago Someones Changed My System, and We have been living under that wrongful method ever since”

That was in another Dimension, but all things are not disconnected. What has evolved on Earth is not very different from that Someones’ Method that Usurped My Better Method.

Hopefully this will all change in My{my} lifetime this time around.

It will not end when I pass away. This is ages and ages and ages in progress.

It is part of Original Normality and Original Rulers that are Taking Over Again.

God and Jesus are but One Division Of This, though very VIP and In Need Of Help.

The ‘Omnipotent God’ myth is no doubt hooked up to Actual Powers within Creation from Assistance. This makes things a little more complex than getting off the boat for the sake of a larger truth. You are stuck with it even though it isn’t the full truth. Don’t be in a hurry to unstuck yourselves, that can cause damage as well as upset God’s Victory.