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I do not think you understand Extra-Dimensional Government Combat Titanic Style very well, human.

Perhaps you should go back to the bible for a refresher course on ‘obey!’, but remember the rest of the truth when you do, this ain’t Sandals, and it IS Contemporary or worse/better.

I’m only ‘partially jesting’ on this. In reality there is a Freedom that is part of Original Normality that Predates The Gods/Titans. This means It’s Just You.

But there are Regions of Titanic Authority and some actual Real Connectivity expressed down into smaller beings.

Part of The Rogue Element is slowly being overcome by Titanic Tyrant that is ‘Me’. Through this there are Other Lines that were 5AT, OB, SB, and through common merger evolution a bit of Me as well. (They are The Ones with this ‘big authority thing’ and this ‘big history thing’ that They fed Me).

The final thing here in Reality is Old Iron Boots is going to be around even when Sandals is, but it is the other principle you are not always getting when dealing with spirituality.