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First of All: “doing something first or creating something first will some day run out as everything that can be done or created was already done or created”

Second of All: “it is possible to create something on your own that has already been created, there is a basic pattern to creativity and a limited amount of things to work with”

Third of All: “creativity runs out, or runs out until something comes along to inspire”

But beyond that are a few nasty unknowns:

Creativity got put on a bit of a shutdown and lockdown from ways being developed to steal stuff out of a large being’s mind.

Creating got put on a lockdown and shutdown to prevent it from being used to ‘use up another’s beinghood or stuff of existence’.

Invasive overloads got used to turn people into thieves.

Reverse theft happened to people who stole and those stolen from. Like with invasives this became a huge mess.

Memory is not fully there and ways were developed to take you through your own memory and get you to receive the flashes like epiphany and make you feel you had created it yourself instead of it had been taken from your memory and fed to you, or it was in your distant memory but you didn’t remember where it came from at the time it came back to you, it was genius and fresh at the time or re-experience.

A lack of caring happened because of so many things to keep track of while trying to police this all.

Invasive overloads cause people to not care anymore.

{and you thought ya’ll were experts!}

A big part of genius isn’t having done it first it is knowing a bunch of other genius’ work and being able to recreate that, or work with the concepts that they worked with and with a full understanding.

Most scientists you meet are very brilliant and impressive but almost none of them did something new in the field, yet they are incredible functional and useful to have around, and enjoy thinking and creating stuff even if it has been done before… and you never know, there may always be that angle of perspective or time-frame of technology that allows you to actual create something new.