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They don’t do a lot of Global Warming out here, but you have made criminal decisions that are very very very un-conservative in regards to this potential danger.

But even if Global Warming gets solved the Environmental Destruction and Pollution are still a problem that needs to be utterly defeated at this late stage. Global Warming derailed this older process and shot us all in the foot as it got used as the big blanket.

We are out to defeat the same things in many respects but Cornucopia Utopia is not into ‘bleeding them dry of their money’ as a war tactic. It will sue them of their money if they don’t comply but would prefer they comply as opposed to the big competitive win.

The Green New Deal did NOT Build Cornucopia Utopia, but it DID have a huge price tag.

I take that very seriously and so do They. You are stealing our future freedom by using that money up!