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But you refuse to listen to how the economy needs to go into stasis and robotic farming and processing need to be relied on as we ride it out…

You really need to get your ass handed to you and be seen as: no longer viable, don’t belong on the radio, f**kin wack ass, abnormal sold as what we are suppose to be, slaves of mammon, boring jackass, and an illegal civilization style.

Hey listen, you have a right to work during a pandemic but you have no right to force this economic system on us, and that you are doing as a ‘mature’ group.

Your days of being the ranking principle with economics need to come to a rapid close.

Think of all those kids that were happy to not have to go to school, but you focused on those that get to miss graduation. The problem here once again is a forced system that they ‘fall behind’ in. A lot of jobs they end up in won’t have turned out to need the rest of that education.

And the competition is as well part of the Forced Realism, and this spells the rest of why this civilization need to be upended and the people freed from it’s stupid wrongful exploitative grasp.

Being forced to go to school makes one a less balanced person at the same time all that other education makes a more balanced person. Being able to just be ourselves as opposed to needing to fit is a better psychological state.

In the right type of civilization your kids could move out at 14 and give you some space as opposed to keeping them enslaved to school for it.

In the right type of civilization they would learn the basics of gardening as a major survival skill and survive off of it without money. It wouldn’t be old farmer fred’s and his long work hours it would pothead pete’s grow lights smoking that long hour routine.

Add the six other things we say publicly that we don’t privately agree with but are expected to say as mature adults… but it really is just academics propaganda as opposed to a larger truth.