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It’s called The Truth and all of your status quo propaganda and status quo political correctness never get here.

All you people end up doing is keeping the same illegal system going that squashes the illegal rebellion.

You never get you have no legal rights to that government built on stolen lands, those business built on stolen lands, that authority position propped over all over, that economic’s system propped over all of us.

You never get that until things are changed food stamps and welfare are every goddamn bit as important as the military spending.

You see things through your own eyes, the self-sufficient working man, that doesn’t see we are far from all the same and you live something that is a cumbersome forced realism and it doesn’t work for the rest of us.

In fact you get so far gone with your balance the budget routine you have basically dehumanized the process of government and only your type of people are given credibility.

All we ever hear is how we are suppose to be like you and many of us can’t and most of us are not interested in being self-enslaved for 40 years, nor are we stuck on the stock market and economics.

You are your system have stolen our freedom and then angrily demanded that we be like you and fit in your stupid box.