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When you continue to vote for the status quo economic system and then you complain about how tax dollars are used you had never gotten that having bullied the actual legal truth out of the discussion you were neither legal nor using the rest of the facts needed for making such decisions.

As long as you keep forcing the economic system with the landowner and patent holder paradigm on us you are continually breaking the law.

As you preach to the choir and groupthink your way through the information you are no longer dealing with the legal truth.

As you select what is and is not of value to these discussions as an illegal ruler lawmaker group you are no longer getting that you do not have the right nor credibility for the role you have continually pushed yourselves into.

“you people have stolen our freedom and prevented the type of civilization that we need to live in, and then you complain about welfare costs and people not working but all along you are a big hardworking group making an illegal decision that forced us all to do things your (wrongful) way; and you in no way represent the rest of us you represent your own kind of people”

You want to run around here with the tax dollar solution making determinations from authority spots so it is time that the actual truth gets put back on the page instead of the red herring that the democrats use and lose arguments with.