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I don’t agree with taking down Confederate Statues, that is part of Our History.

I also don’t agree with a lot of stuff that is Rap Music, by the way.

The way to solve the problems won’t come as easy as knocking down statues and getting nazi on history, it will come from better socialization away from racism and colonial left-over new world government.

And the only direction we really need to take it is along the same lines that the American Forefathers, trying to escape The Monarchy Colonial Powers, were trying to head. We The People must stride forward where they floundered.

There is a limited amount of stuff one can do in the end as far as where to go.

We don’t need a new country we just need to step in where the forefathers failed as landowners, slave owners, and a republic and electorate democracy.

In fact once the Basic Laws of We The People are written and agreed on by We The People (as opposed to lawmakers) are finally set down there is not much of a place for rulers and lawmakers.

Once economics is defeated and put in the back seat instead of the driver seat we can have abundance and free time in a much easier way.

And if some people want to keep ‘racial segregated communities’ of any race that should be their right as long as it is not spilling over or trying to wrongfully rule over. The racism issue needs to be tackled but the ways of pushing us all together are just gonna backlash, just gonna be the next injustice.