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“that’s right, I said Economics needs to go into the back seat instead of driving the car wrong, it needs to be mostly optional not forced on people, thus enslaving them to working 8 hours a day and 5 days a week for 40 years, all for food and shelter and medicine and entertainment that can be done far easier in a more self-autonomous way and still have abundance”

The present system allows the people that work all the time and get rich to buy and up and destroy the old natural world, and without the evils of money through this forced realism many many many people would complain as opposed to needing the job, so there goes the environment.

Economics as it is turns out to be Illegal, it is forced on people, it is a Forced Realism.

Utopia is not a pipe dream it is The Normality of a Thinking Man’s Creative Solution to Sustenance, and without the imbalance of money makes it easier for all to have plenty, and is the closest thing to 100% guarantee that no one will ever go hungry, lack medicine, food, clothing shelter.

“money is not at all evil on it’s own, in fact it’s way cool, but this economic system needs to be an optional thing and the power of buying up and chopping down needs to be curtailed, as well as polluting and stymieing the legal logical backlash, and illegally done from authority positions”