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“Can we start another chapter here, something a little more bland and stable and status quo…”

There is a whole other Story here, extra-dimensionally, and it doesn’t deal with Mysticism it deals with Reality Stabilizers and Containment, and this is of course Macro Level though it can be easily visible in the people on earth.

There is an Old War at Macro Levels that is very much related to Who We Are as Conservatives and Liberals. The Liberals came from the weaker Regions and were in need of and got Greater Assistance, but The Conservatives are more part of The Solution and must get Assistance as well (as opposed to transferring it all to the weaker Liberals (which ends up causing a collapse of reality in certain areas and is stuck having gone too far while the other side that was stronger is stuck being part of the problem that could not be overcome full, in Our Timeframe)

Part of what Government is has roots in this, and this Ancient Macro Evolution it is part of why many people respond positively to a government or rulers, or react so badly to it.

Though this is not visible to the human eye or scientific instruments it effects the very person one is. This is something closer to Material Plane than to Soul Plane, but this isn’t Linear Space it is Extra-Dimensional and is Descended from Original Reality (Predating Deity).

Original Reality Original Normal is Solidified In Form Evolution, while The Soul Plane and Spiritual/Mystical are from another Type of Evolution, which is Vacuums and Voids, and the earlier Ptah-like Evolutions (from Dawn of Creation of Original Being (Brahma) going within in Mind Zone (Ptah)).

Material Plane is like unto Original Normal in many ways, and Soul Plane is Advanced Evolved Elite Weaker Reality.

The Titan Realm is a major part of The Problem but is also an unavoidable intrinsic part of The Solution.

“The Balance of Reality shifted to The Strong from The Original during a Massive Crime that lead to The Collapse of Creation in places, and part of Stabilizers and Containment are stopping the rest of The Collapse from happening”.

God and Soul Plane are from that other Weaker Reality that is more Magical/Mystical. It is Experientially different, literally another Type of Reality.

Both of these Types, Material Plane and Spiritual Plane evolved from Dawn of Creation that The Beings and The Changes that happened.

Form is Stronger Reality but it is literally Denser and Less Aware. The Vacuum and Void are Naturally More Aware due to their nature and ability to detect things quicker in their weaker regions/selves.

Predators and Prey are also related to this evolution that started in ancient macro times and in part played out over the millions of earth years as what evolved here. The Universe is it’s own unique environment and things like genetic coding also played a major role of how things evolved here. But all along is an even larger and older evolution going through it own circumstances.

Part of the whole original point of giving you this information deals with Working Man Overcometh and The Problems With Being Liberals In A Rush To Utopia/Saving The Planet/Defeating Corruption/Etc. Always remember that The Titan Real as Usurper has destroyed planets (in Astral Plane, or Proto Universes, Etc), has corruption problems and is too obedient to the stronger/strongest members(s). Down here on earth is a direct correlation. “oh, there at it again, are they!”, and unfortunately you are…

But The Status Quo Maintains and is part of Stable Reality and The Solution.