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“First of all God and Jesus have been elevated by Religion into something they are not, and in fact it is Brahma that is the only Original Eternal Being, and They are riding out Power Thrones and such through The Titanic Era, but They do have special powers that effect sentience, but this does not at all extend into omnipotence, omnipresent, omniscient, that is a human fantasy tale not a factual statistic, but things are more complicated than just that because it is also and extra-dimensional tale and supported by a multitude and macro level Beings even larger and older”

Well, I ain’t an avatar or messiah but this Elder Information that is part of The Old Brahma Line does the same type of thing without all of that (overly) high spiritual stuff, and it has an Extra-Dimensional Platform that allows The Great Awakening and therefor can be similar to messiah and avatar without all of that better (and more duanting) spiritual stuff, which doesn’t have the fuller truth that this Older Platform does, anymore than the elite spiritual wise person has the larger truth of the rest of us. The Carved Block Lacks Something.

In fact one of the major things here is that wasn’t the full truth and the older thing is more normal.

So there is a whole lot of dispelling the jacked-up belief while verifying the true existence of, and a database of deity that have the actual statistics on the origins of that divinity stuff.

When dealing with the spiritual path one will go to spiritual planes and not even know something else exists beyond that and it ain’t a higher state it is an older normal that predates the elevated state (though there are some basic roots in that due to the nature of reality, but the inheritors were not The Original Being but smaller newer parts of The Original Being.

Normal is Very Stable and Eternal, and Spirituality is an Elevated State and not ‘universal’, which was part of a great overcoming that we are still coming out of and overstepped it’s jurisdiction during an advanced emergency.

“Due to The Other Half of Evolution that is not untouched by the ravages of what happened in Creation and The Titanic Era I have real problems like real people, and more problems than many, and these are caused by ancient assaults on parts of My Being, and it is a bit different when one considers Realm Being as opposed to human organic body inhabited by spirit, the assault is on the body and the mind and they are closer to the same thing”