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What existed before the economic system and the landowner paradigm?

What does the natural world live by default? Though there is competition there is also no rent, nor landowner, no patent holder, no job to go to or replace if you lost it. This is how humans lived as well. With modern engineering and old agrarian they can far surpass the old natural competition and make a life of relative ease.

You also need to understand ‘how is that built?‘, and ‘I built that myself with my own resources and therefor I own that and did not need to buy it’.

You also need to understand “we built that in a community-owned automated factory off our own resources and therefor we own that” since you sucked so bad at building it yourself but that factory is quicker and unerring as long as it doesn’t jam up.

This applies to a community building and maintaining it’s own utilities infrastructure and internet infrastructure.

You need to understand that in order for sales to stay up and wages to stay consistent there is a logic to making things that do not last as long as they could and using up as many resources as quick as possible through sales.

The actual way we would normally do things is to make things that last as long as engineering and science can possibly make them to prevent the need to replace or repair. We would also not want to do either the extra work to get the resources that drive sales , nor wish to deplete the resources too rapidly, nor do the extra damage to earth done by getting them.

You also need to understand that any hill, roof, or rain-capture water storage has a gravity fed automated water irrigation potential, used with smaller and smaller pipes and emitters as well as valves to regulate flow. This is among the most important basic automations of the old world that lessens work.

Look around and figure out how it is built in an automated factory and then extrapolate all the things around you that can be done in community-owned automated factories producing real goods for us without the costs involved, wages or profits but with maximum ease and idiot-proofed automation. This is why I am always harping on them poor patent holders along with the landowner paradigm,

We built it off our resources and we own it.

{When you understand the full scope of things, the science and scientists involved, the actual truths that have been denied for the sake of economics and greed and control, the red herring you have been chasing and thus eternally failing, you would begin to realize this is closer to a “tremble for I am nigh” than a sam roberts band ‘brother down’ or a tragically hip ‘don’t tell me what the poets are doing’}