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Such as those needed for preservative and ability to last on the store shelves.

Some believe that these chemicals we eat in our diet with store-bought food are worse than is being stated and that is has a direct baring on our health to a degree we would be surprised at. I did a bit of a healthier diet stint for a time and could tell the chemical stuff very quickly and it did taste awful, made a bit of an ill feeling, and I still have a bit of this effect that stuck with.

Pesticides will not be nearly as prevalent because people will study them and the dangers and learn to not be picky at appearance (yet still be picky at safety and quality) and things can still be processed in automated ways without too much over-processing of the food (which some believe also causes a problem), though there still are cases where some form of organic pesticide is needed to fight bugs or fungus, and some forms of processing such as pasta that will be too popular to get rid of.

Growing food locally in isolated contained hothouse greenhouse environments and started or sprouted on a continuous weekly cycle for a continuous weekly output will take the place of preservatives and store shelves. If you can do a lot of growing indoors you can potentially increase the chances of preventing too many bugs or birds from getting at your food as well, and perhaps fungus and other things.