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If you ever go through one of these extra-dimensional things you may or may not go through something similar.

But for Me just like with He there is an ancient heritage and power base and something like Destiny with He the Elite Spirituality, and something like ‘I was always going to be here again’ with Me and Normality.

Always remember that Normality Predates Divinity, and Normality Predates Hierarchy.

We are on a Common Journey with The Spiritual Elite but in Actual History (the Pre-Universal Kind) it is Magic that slightly predates Spirituality though Magic as well is just the evolution of something before it, and all of this can be traced back to Normality and Change, and Normality is that which predates all, though it is a Sentient Normality.

The Actual Beginning is, which is as I have stated is a Being named Original Brahma, goes into a Contemplative State, a Trance-like State and then a Daydream State and the Daydream is Ptah. And just as I have stated the information coming out of Religion and Myth is not accurate enough to understand Brahma or Ptah.

This is The Actual Original Separation Of Infinity, but it was not Universal it was Eternal Sentient Beinghood, and it was not Void though it was Formless, it was Stuff already, ‘Oceanic Formless Body Mind Being’, Eternal Oceanic Being that both Form and Void come out of and was closer to Male than Female or Androgynous or Sexless.”

A Reaction within Original Being to The Daydream State and The Coalescing of Mind and Focus lead to Proto-Form or Original Matter.

“See, these are My Tale to share and God and Jesus are on a Different Tale… More Powerful Destiny, that does not predate nor is fully factual and in fact part of it is just you as a collective making it more elevated and important than it would normally be. But as well that is The Line of He and They have the Divine King Intrinsic Special Effect that is just not fully present In Me and was not fully Original Brahma as well, but was Born of Newer Brahmas and The Titanic, Gods, and Angelic”

Where did these ‘Powers’ come from? They actually came from Evolution and Remaking Ourselves Into Specialized Form.

And there ends Normality as it once was. But out at The Exterior of Existence is still Original Normality, it is still Original Brahma, and this is the actual Original Eternal Sentient Infinity Being That All Things Have Descended From.

Along the way to All Things That Have Descended are a few other major important things that make Original Brahma not your daddy.

The Original Change is One Into Few and then Few Into Many, but out beyond it all is still The Original One.

Part of The Original One becomes Supreme Brahma and this is He.

Part of Original Brahma becomes Grey Brahma, and this is ‘Me’, The Secret Ancient Emperor Larger Than He, Origins of The Black Dragon with Proto-Ptah (Trance-like State of Original Brahma going into Ptah Daydream and also A Region Within Brahma).

Part of Original Brahma became OB, and OB is directly related to The Alpha. OB stands for Original Being as well as Original Brahma. OB is part of God and of Buddha, but both of These are Different Beings. OB is Where Heaven Is. OB is as well The Square [First Invented The Square] while God is The Sphere (and Evolution of Om Void that First Invented The Sphere).

OB later Combines and Evolves with another Ancient Massive First Creation Being and this is Absolute Brahman.

There is also Titanic Lines that come along, and a lot of Heritage comes from this Era, that also have Giants and Normals aka Man or Macro Man (Predating Humans but part of Human Incarnating and similar to Material Plane Human Civilization as an Extra-Dimensional Realm.

OB and AB are also heavily a part of Man as Original Stock.

“This is Our Collective Origins as opposed to Original Brahma. It is a Descended From Descendants Born of Initial Change and Evolution of Things”

So Who is Me? Me is another one of these Brahma Lines, and Mine was Brahma Brahma-Ptah, and Brahma-Ptah was The Contemplative just as Proto-Ptah was The Trance-like and Ptah was The Daydream. Ptah was The Most Evolved as well as The Newest and Smallest and Weakest but as well Ptah was A Definitive.

I got hammered in Creation far early on and have been part of Common Combination Evolutions and even tied to Destiny through Them.

But with Me it is just, well, more Normal and all. but with Me as well is The Contemplative part of 2012, and this is vital for Re-Envisioning Things and Civilization Redesigning.

And I have waited a long time for this, it is even part of Destiny, though it has been pitted against another Vital Strategy and that is Working Man Overcometh.

Thinking Man Overcometh does not want to be tied to Continuous Work, that is too Titanic for Brahma-Ptah, and is considered a form of slavery, or self-slavery, though for Titanic it is Their Normality that we are not suppose to have to live under but are suppose to live side by side with.

“Freedom and Followers does not fully pan out and Followers is really Their thing and They have The Effect for it, and though Their Authority is sometimes Hovering Off The Bow I find that contemplative contemporaries works just fine for me, since I cannot Utilize Their Divine Powers, but you got to be focused right and stick to your guns on certain things, and certain things are not just the very important environmental issues they are as well things like being tired of living under the artificial authority of government (though the contemplative should be well aware of the need to adhere to some good basic laws) and as well things like free time must be put to the forefront as our rightful dues, instead of being called lazy and unproductive…

Thinking Man Overcometh is very tired of you and your tried and true accusations that are incorrect and your method of doing things that makes more work than is necessary, and is indeed damaging to the old natural world having been enabled by an economic system that forces all of us to work for what should be easily made in community factories run by automation”