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Enlightened Souls don’t seduce your beautiful teenage daughter, but Me will.

Later on, extra-dimensionally with proof, I will be able to explain and prove that Me and Goddess go so far back in Time that it slightly predates God.

That was before Sex of course and was The Dawn of Love, and came from Brahma Form Journey and Goddess Vacuum.

The Form Journey lead to Need and Shored Up of Vacuum that was Created By Form Condensing, and this happened greatly between Form Brahma and Goddess Vacuum that surrounded it, but as well dealt with part of Brahma Presence Being leaving Form Brahma up through Goddess Vacuum (briefly touching on the way through) to go higher up The Brahma Chain to Bunched Brahma (external massive weaker form region) and back to Original Brahma (which Me can no longer do due to Titanic Region and being cut off from Exterior or Original Brahma Zone, part of which still Extends Down Into Me but things are evolved and stuck this way).

But for the record They really do have that Divine Effect stuff going on, and Divine Hierarchy, it is Manifested Within Creation, which means Within The Realms, which means Universal Pillars Within Realm which means Real Effects.

It isn’t everywhere of course, that would become oppressive, but it is there in certain parts of Regions as well as Regions Of It’s Own.

They ain’t actually allowed to Spiritualize The Whole the way the tale is spoken and Normal existed just fine for Eternity… but in The Era of The Fallen this Higher Conduct is important and in The Era of Invaded States that Spiritual Alchemy helps out The Fallen Normal that is below the state of Original Normality due to bad circumstances.