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As well Religion has gotten it wrong about far too many things, and the Tales of God and Jesus “forever different and forever above” are not founded on Actual Reality, though They do have an Abode and Rulership that Effects Sentience. In fact God and Jesus do not pan out all the way back to Eternity, but Normal does, and God and Jesus are just Two Flavors among dozens, and perhaps the majority of which are not spiritual flavors.

If you actually practice Spirituality you will realize there really is something there, but if you rely on the scriptures for what it is you will not get an accurate picture and it will be overstated and told in a fantasy tale.

The correlation between God and The Universe is not enough to go on, God is just not enough of this Universe, but God comes from a Time that Predates The Universe and God has Realms and People in Elder Universe.

Infinity can only be bigger than any of your science instruments can reach the limits of and you are still stuck in science hubris.

Luckily infinity is not the full tale and Beings do exist along with Experience that explain The Actual Origins, and it doesn’t take enlightenment to go through this, it is a part of what The Great Awakening was suppose to be and Rapture was just one part or one Region.

But to say God does not exist is also not the truth, it is the observable facts of a universe we are in.

The Tales of God are not true enough, including Created Everything or Is Everything; Is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent.

Where God does exists is not within this Universe but it is within Sentience experiences God.

God is not The Root All of Sentience, not The Original Sentence, that was Brahma and it was closer to Normal than to Godlike (which comes through Evolution and Change of Being, done in a way Linear Space cannot do). And Brahma is Indirectly The Root Of All Sentience and Deeper Intelligence is Among The Initial Changes Of Infinity. Along the way came Change and then More Change, and it is The Change and More Change that did the most Evolving as Creation, though Brahma was as well on this Evolutionary Journey.

“The Original State of Brahma does not at all match God or The Creator or Titanic Ego or Godlike Power, that is all stuff that came along later and is founded on Power Greater Than Original Normality that is Born of Form and Strength as well as Elite Super Quick Super Intelligent Evolution, and Ancient Wise Evolution, and of course Ancient Macro Perspective”

God did not Create The Universe but God does exist and is capable of having an effect on Sentience.

“Me has had a bit of a problem with Religion as well, though I am gladly also one of it’s spokesmen, I find it takes things off course and one cannot have a proper discussion about stuff as well as it just is not dealing with the actual facts it is dealing with a special effect, specific realms tailored for, specialized tall tales with real powers coned to them, etc.

Me likes Freedom and Religion and Freedom are not wed well enough and never will be… so That is Their Kingdom over there, but it is not My Kingdom, I have none nor need none yet I am a Being and Region even more Vast than Their Kingdom”

But part of Me does have a Duty and it partly relates to Their Mission, and it ain’t just Me that has this Duty, so though Freedom is vital and that means free time there is also an Ancient Duty that is being fulfilled, and it isn’t an abstract.

One of the major problems with Religion and Deity is The Laws or The Commandments as well as The Persona or Ego of The Deity.

“there really are Regions that match some of this stuff, in fact it may be Who some of The Prophets were speaking to or working for, but this is as well Regional and there are other Regions outside of these, other Realms, and in some of this there is a Nature of The Realm that is different, a material plane and an astral plane are made of different stuff though both come from one ancient common origin”