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I am going through direct experience and explaining things from the direct experience.

The Eternal Mystery is part of Their Specialty, but as well there is something called The Big Path and it is Us.

Us is a more Normal Group but is also Archaic Grand Titanic, meaning More Powerful Than Normality.

Those Spiritual Paradigm Tales were not written properly or they would have put Normal predating Spiritual and Normal as larger than Spiritual, and it would not say God or The Creator ‘Created Everything’ because that is not at all how things actually Evolved. Those Tales are part of an Elevated Spot Endeavor as well as Attempts To Program Reality.

Us is perhaps Who you will first contact as opposed to God and Jesus, Buddha, etc.

Those are Specialized Realms and Specialized Beings.

“you may have a conversation in your mind and realize that it isn’t you answering it is a conversation with others, and as well it may seem very very familiar because you have existed in this place the whole time, long before you were born on earth, or before organic humans even existed”

It is so ‘normal’ and familiar you may miss it being an extra-dimensional experience. Though it is also akin to timeless there is also the aging of experience and the wear and tear on the forms we are made into due to other things. The whole ‘indivisible imperishable’ tale of the soul is a made up one, but timeless eternal is not. You are made of something timeless eternal that changed and evolved and aged, but is still partly timeless eternal, and though it has regions of divine pinnacle or pits of demonic darkness it is as well normal, original normal, the thing that secretly predates everything but ain’t a secret after all.

How they can ‘pipe in this original experience to a bubble of ourselves in an organic body’ is unknown to Me (the information is booby-trapped as it were and I cannot think about it or it will access things too vital and related to what is being thought of/searched for, it tries to go there in person not just in thought), but They can do this and do and I experience it every day, and this is as I have said old familiar territory not something that is a figment of the imagination.