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Creation Stories often have this ‘Presto Magic Insta-Creation’ story going on. This is not how things actually evolved they are the myth tale. The true myth tale is the real tale that was not made up by man or by gods (who also make up creation tales and this further confuses the whole thing). Bits and pieces of the true tale are mixed in with hoards of the myth tale.

but The Myth Tale goes right into Real Powers and Real Beings, though Their cosmology is not accurate and Their powers are overstated and Their jurisdiction is more limited than what is stated or intimated, and They do not exist out there in linear space universe but come from somewhere even larger and older”

There are Eras of Creating and in The Original Universe it is possible to Create Beings out of Older Sentient Stuff or Body.

Part of The Original Evolution of Diversity was a Merging of Things that had Evolved Separately.

The Linear Space Atomic Universe is a Randomly Evolving Universe and it takes things far longer in some respects for this place to Evolve than did A Sentient Random Evolution. There are some initial new effects that would have happened very quickly and the later formation of atoms and such, and this would be new by the standards of Original Creation, but once things set in it takes far longer and sentience out-produces it.

A lot of this Sentient Random Evolution dealt with The Creating/Invention of New Things or The Discovery of New Things.

The New Things Discovered were not initially new locations for initially everywhere and everything was known, but later things evolved separately into too many locations and new things.

Some of the new things were Understandings and were Aspects of Reality that not even Brahma knew and had never considered and it is part of this ancient awe and thinking process that has been passed down to spirituality and metaphysics and poetry.

The very notion of Infinity comes from one of these, and it dealt with asking The Original Being about The Extent of Original Being, and that was Endless, could not find an end but was all one thing. Nothing exists outside and Original Being remembers back to When Others First Came About, and where They came from and How They later tricked huge portions of The Original Being into tales of Outside of Original Being was always Them, and that They had Crated Original Being out of Them, and They used parts of Original Being that were extended down into Their Regions as Smaller than Them.

There is both the Merger with Them, and an Overload of Consciousness by Titanic Power, as well as Kept Off Balance and part of this was Discovery and Change and New Understandings.

In order to have The Edge of Forever Existence They had Specialized in Strong and Original Being was not allowed to compete due to the nature of the attempt to ensure forever by being stronger than original nature.

Mergers were very dangerous for Original Being because They could become Original Being in a Region but as Stronger and They could Overload Consciousness and could get Original Being to act in a certain manner. They as well would ‘Reconnect’ this tampered with macro portion of Original Being in attempts to grab all the way out to the full extent and take it all over.

“One of the biggest disasters was an attempt to make a Being out of The Original Being that was larger than The Original Being, and though we are talking about Infinity it was made out of Multiple Beings that were Made of Original Being… and Infinity is not Infinity when one is dealing with Several Large Chunks of that same Infinity”