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The Gods and The Titans come from An Earlier Time in a Farther Out Region. This is not in Linear Space.

Early Evolution is Going Down Within from An Eternal Sentient Infinity.

So there are Ancient Stages that are Where The Gods and Titans are, where these came from. This was once The Smaller Region as well, though it was Stronger.

Man comes along later and is smaller. There are also Giants between Man and Titan that are closer to Titan is size and strength but closer to Man in what they are made of and persona.

Humans come along far later than Man, and in this we are incarnating in a whole different universe as impossibly small organic bodies (that seem normal size to our relative perspective)

The Physics behind Where The Titans/Gods came from is similar to in this universe with star formation from gases. The stuff the star is formed from does not have the strength and potent effect of a star, but the potentiality is there. The Stuff of Original Universe is not the same as Linear Space Atomic or Organic.

This Sentient Universe that is The Elder Universe had all come from Sentient Being and the very nature of the Stuff allows for ‘the creation of things in a different manner than can be done here’. But the actual science or physics is basically the same. The mystical tale throws in advanced concepts that are not actually factual, but they dazzled us and it was used as part of a new reality method.

Condense this into this and it becomes stronger, beyond that and it becomes too strong, too far away from original nature. Condense this intelligence to a certain level and there is a greater intelligence, condense it too far and the effect goes the opposite direction. It has gone too far away from original nature. There is a Goldilocks Zone that can be achieved and The Gods and The Titans are made of stuff that is this.

{The Intelligence part about getting less intelligent when stuff is too far out of line with original nature is still not fully proven to Me, the Images or stuff being used has Another Evolution mixed in with it and this is Sub-Sentience and Non-Sentience and The Robbed Region… so though I am telling you “the true tale given by Them to Me” there is also these other mitigating circumstances that deal with the information we are using. When it comes to Original Being Brahma there is not doubt in that one. And The Ptah Daydream really is part of The Big Initial Change, and God starts out as a Void attaining Form is also part of The Real Proven Tale}

“On the way down from Original Infinity came The Evolution of The Gods and The Titans, and here we sit in a whole other Universe that is ancient but was once new. And you look out into that universe and do not see the abode of the titans or the god nor heaven, but you are not actually seeing everything when you look into the universe you are seeing the universe and it is not everything… you make the mistake of thinking it is everything, and by the way some of this stuff in the lore of our history was intentionally brought here by those incarnating in this universe as organic bodies”