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How did you do this? You did it with the arrogance of thinking that everything that can be detected by science is everything that actually exists.

You didn’t leave an opening of ‘we are still not fully sure’. You didn’t practice spirituality enough to detect that was definitely something there all along.

The tales that come along with spirituality are not founded on good enough truth to be used as a supplement for science. This part you got right. The commandments of deity as left in history from prophets and avatars is not the unerring perfection it would need to be.

They shot Themselves in the foot on this one, though part of it is literally just the creation of man with some fantastical ideas.

‘and God may never forgive you for forsaking Him‘, but Brahma says, “uh, Dude, You are not being very realistic here… and I am the thing You pretend unto being and it ain’t very similar to what You are and pretend unto being, just so Ya know”