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Shiva can make smaller Realms and we experience these and they can get confused with the larger original history, but is seems likely that at least part of Shiva is Who the History is referring to as Neptune. It is some part or co-evolution of Shiva ‘The Ancient Massive Proto-Vacuum Being’ that The Astral Waters are in large part made of. If they didn’t just make it up. I can verify the existence of Shiva but I cannot verify the existence of Neptune. I see stuff called Neptune but it is a Combo Being, not very large, and it is appears to be a Replication… though one never knows, We ain’t the fakes, even when We make it up.

But I never can tell due to the fact that They play the roles and the Greeks may have just made up Poseidon Neptune and Shiva would have gone and built off of a Form Pillar something that matched the statistics, and this gets Fed to Me as ‘The Reality’. So when we get too far away from The Early Events of Creation I cannot fully trust the stuff, though Form and Void and such are part of The Early Events of Creations; as well there are major gaps or time missing and it is ‘connect the dots’ of a few memories.

The Aftertell will take stuff from The Modern and Remake History, so correlated that use things or words that are similar now but would not have been similar in the original language are made into A Reality Platform.

One is dealing with Ancient Reality Platforms and stuff that far predates any human civilization, so They can do all sorts of tricks with this stuff, real crowd pleasing moves.