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Regulated Times of Outdoor Activities and Well Made Masks.

Take a family trip and a few hours of hiking trails. Have things set up so there is known time or reservations list or website that people can check and as well check off the place that they wish to go hike at and the amount of other people going there will be registered allowing people to better gauge social distancing.

This is the type of thing that needs to be there and facilitated during the pandemic lockdown instead of just ordering people to stay at home.

Some people do just fine staying at home and others go stir crazy. Computers and video games will not be enough for some they need physical activity.

“from the outset masks mask masks were a logical answer to this problem, as was social distancing, but the masks need to actually work as opposed to sorta work token gestures, and these masks along with social distancing and ventilation help keep our civilization open, and as well during a pandemic lockdown there are some that need access to outdoor areas to alleviate stir craziness more than others and this should help keep down the numbers to some degree, so encourage us to stay at home and facilitate a place for them to go roam”

And you can take this farther. You can have certain streets being blocked off and people socially distanced and medical-masked walking down the middle of the streets in an extremely well spaced out procession during specific times of the day. I don’t like the thought of walking in a procession even at 6 feet distance though, you are walking right through where many others just were, and this seems to be a risk increase.

The community needs to come together and help make things happen as opposed to just relying on the government. This will help alleviate the feelings of powerlessness as well as alleviate some of the stir crazy problem by coming up with and enacting solutions.

“another thing you need to pay attention to was gearing people up to stay competitive and in practice, this is not the best time for that it is time to gear down and lay low… this also, by the way, applies to harping on your kids that want to stay inside and play video games all day, for that is safer.”