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“A Bit of Old Age and a Bit of Extra-Dimensional Assault”

When dealing with Spooks Speak they will always convince you that what you are witnessing and experiencing in this Duality Experience is what is going on with linear space Earth.

This is not accurate and potentially dangerously so due to what is going on in these other dimensions. It takes one to invaded regions or other such evolution that has been quarantined away from effecting the rest of sentience.

It takes you to this region and convinces you in your mind that this is all that is going on, but it is just a specific region and mishap that happened as The Powers Focused on The Problem and got stuck that way, and Slowly Sucked In. And as well some of The Powers were on a common journey with The Problem so were already changing into non-viable mentality.

Meaningful Advice? Don’t be too lax nor too quick. Be as focused and methodical as possible, don’t be flashy or crowd pleasing moves, think and feel things out in advance as to what you are going to say and how this can be misconstrued. Don’t play ruler but stay with just the facts, ma’am.

But let us get back to diagnosis in two dimensions: There is a natural old age thinking and senility that can happen, and there is an extra-dimensional upheaval or assault that can happen.

We have been part of The Process for many many ages, far longer than human civilization. Some beings have been made since then out of eternal stuff. but many go far back in time in a more timeless environment.

There is a possibility that ‘we get sacrificed for a larger cause’ as we get older. We are put into more of the hardships.

It seems counter productive and is but is part of the ancient larger process was trying to fit everything in and in a dire emergency where we have to chip away at the problem with what we have this was termed a needed duty. “in an organic body we are nearing the end and can afford to risk it more, we have less to lose as we get near the end, so we become the troops”

Now this may as well just be Spooks Speak and have no effect on Linear Space but it seems to have actually happened here, and to parts of ourselves that are a bit more macro.

There is a Duality going on and a confusion about the full dimensions involved. There is some kind of larger sentient ocean that we are part of, and this is how we can be kept track of in organic bodies without it being more fully here. We are here but as well somewhere else and our experience is resonating into somewhere else.

There also seems to be some kind of change that happens as we grow older, or happens to many. This is not just the growing older change it is suppose to be, to look and sometimes persona has changed into someone else too far.

This is what They would call an Install. You are already in the aging body but some Region within this larger extra-dimensional sentient process matches the statistics of that ‘older look and the wear and tear’. In humans bodies it is aging but in these other dimensions it has something to due with the titanic realm and some kind of semi-disaster that occurred. There is a whole group of people that are from this region.

There is also just the normal aging process where our body undergoes changes and we no longer look the same, or our experiences, job, and duties, have shaped us in a certain way.

Never once assume that what Spooks Speak is dealing with is not occurring and to real people and real parts of ourselves, some or much of which has been quarantined.

It probably has an effect on some people or at some times, and there are varying degrees of debilitation in extra-dimensional body, and there are varying degrees of debilitation in organic body.