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There is a thin margin where a master can do both, or a savant… but we do better just being where we are with our feet firmly on the ground of sure steps as opposed to chancing it.

Stay pertinent, stay focused, go by the book, don’t go off in your own direction? Where is ‘the leader’ in all that? Doing the job right still. That larger vision stuff we like to be or ascribe to an historical leader should not come into play until you have all of that other stuff wired tight and maintained as the mainstay.

We just want to be that miracle new change, the solution that was input by the guy that saw it right. But it is important to stay within the confines of the tried and true.

You have to master the art of painting like a real painter before you can go off in your own direction be a Salvador Dali. And the tried and true painting you mastered was a very important normality that is by the book, it is more universally applicable.