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if we expect the republican party to police it’s own politicians we need to do the same thing as democrats”

Here are two major issues that Democrats could lose on:

Global Warming being used to make it look like normal disasters are caused by it, and an overstatement of effects, and a lack of recognition that global warming was coming already, would already have done damage to the natural world. Man made contributions are making it worse, but it would still be here. Global Warming is being sold as just man made contributions, that is how it got sold, and that is what is stuck in your rhetoric. Get unstuck!

Law and Order are very important and the whole black lives matter protests went a little too riot, the country went a little too anti-law and order. While it is true that Republicans tend to make a goon squad police force that brings a natural backlash, and does need to be defeated, the angry outbursts that lead to the riot mentality are not really working out and turn out to be another form of crime in progress. Crime of law enforcement mentality up against crime of backlash protests turned riot.

What do people want? They want the facts about global warming to be used, and not be deceived and riled up for a political maneuver.

What do people want? They want to walk the cities in safety, to not be forced to agree with angry mobs for the sake of their own safety.

you groupthink yourselves, same as the republicans, into a corner you cannot get out of, and you must rely on stirring irrational outbursts of constituents to gain political momentum”