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Global Warming, the way it is being used by the Democrat party, is truly a hoax.

If you put too much into this farce you will end up losing because you were not dealing with the truth.

The same applies to the law and order thing. It is nearly impossible to get this right as a democrat, too many years of too many constituents, of all races, have been socialized into something nearly opposite of to what you need for a more truthful position. You were trying, as blue dog democrats, to get us a more stable viewpoint, but we of the more far left were not listening, and many still aren’t.

There are real changes that need to be made but we are out shooting at red herring.

Next Up: Time Travel and Worm Holes.

“don’t hold your breath on this stuff, it is fantasy oriented, though very intelligent and creative… there must be something of a universal set time that we experience or the universe would probably be a bit more of a mess, and as well worm holes are not likely to exist in the way we need them to, and black holes are not likely the way to reach there if they do; and folds in space were a very stupid intelligent concept for linear space and the way light likes to travel free of gravitational effects of a high intensity”

you are running away from things and hiding out in fantasy, the real changes that need to be made are not helped out by your going off in these directions, and you end up losing some of your credibility when you waste your time with time travel and worm holes and extrapolated doomsday global warming… part of what went missing went missing because it was bullied off the discussion and disparity of wealth was used in it’s stead but this ran into an obstacle of not being the full truth and being based on economics in the first place”