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So shove your tax-gathering socialist accusations up yer arse.

Status Quo keeps economics going, and it doesn’t matter if it is capitalism, socialism, communism, it is economics and the working man solution, with a big ruler spot at the top and big power structure along with this.

The big change that is needed is not really coming from that direction, and it is too costly and there is not enough man-power.

But this is not the case when we finally free the people from being enslaved to economics and a need for money to survive and live in abundance.

This is not a pipe-dream it is the truth that has been stymied and bullied out of the discussion by big money protecting it’s big money and the big plans of tax-gathers that never end up using the money to buy the things to create a self-sustain civilization built on non-owned lands, and self-sustaining civilization comes largely down to self-sustaining plant growth cycles, clean water, medicine, and renewable energy (along with off-the-grid electricity).

There is nothing that the big economics system with it’s professionals is achieving that we the people cannot do as a community and gain free utilities and free internet as a result.

Machines sew clothing better than humans can, automated factories already produce much of what we need but for profits, wages got in the way of fully automating.