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The Big Path can get quite experiential in some regions and They like to do things with ‘re-visioning history’. They go through the logic of things and the feel of the people and the triumph and the mistakes of things historical or as they have evolved.

The Big Path is, as I have said, a Macro Mundane, it is Normal though it is Extra-Dimensional. And it is massive as well (due to the nature of Normal being Original Nature of Existence and Divine being A Specialized Evolution Made Manifest).

But let us get back to The Great White Corridor.

When it comes back to ‘how things evolved’ there is a bit of Info here and there that I get to get fed through Me, and Me was one of the original thinkers along the way early on, though not the prime thing from a long time ago.

The Great White Corridor is about How America Should Have Evolved.

“The Great White Corridor assists The Indigenous People with technological advancements, products, medicine. It earns it’s keep. It helps the condition of The Indigenous People out to a point of there being a debt payed in allowing to stay on the lands as opposed to a theft of lands at gunpoint if necessary”.

This allows for us to come to these new lands but not trod too far on those that were here already, those that have a right to claim these lands as their own.

The Great White Corridor are cities, towns, and linking roads. These are The White Bones of America. Along with this is a functioning military, every bit as strong as the present one. And a national security institution that is as good as the present one.

The rest of the land is Indigenous People Owned by default, though there will be plenty of non-owned lands and a bunch landowners that must negotiate with the Indigenous People but shall be protected by The Great White Corridor from unreasonable demands or harassments.

Cornucopia Utopia will be the major thing of these lands, it will be the basic bottom line guarantee for all dwelling on these lands (though The Great White Corridor may opt for themselves to continue on with the competitive working man economy… because they really are those guys still, see).

Cornucopia Utopia will be superior to any form of system in history, it will be founded on the best of the best, the righting of mistakes, the empowerment of we the people, transparency of government, people-monitored vote counting, people participation law enacting, the preservation of the old natural world in thriving abundance, good medicine, free time freedom, a guarantee of a space for dwelling, an abundance of good food and clean water, clothing and toiletries, showers and bathing, tv and internet, etc.

These will be done, professionally, by We The People as a community with skills, instead of the payment system now in place.