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While I do not agree with all the things democrats do this is going to be too much of a problem I think. Too many conservative judges selected for life in their positions. It is the wrong kind of America, the kind that needs to be Amended.

So I suggest, since I do not agree with all the things that the democrats do and especially now with a a bit too extreme of a leftist edge going on, that the democrats hone their party down, come back to center without losing the core values they have selected due to the actual importance of these things (the stuff you got right and the stuff that they got wrong). And lose the lgbt brigade and the drag it produces on your credibility. A right to not be persecuted is not the same thing as a right to run the show or be shoved on people as the way to go for a society.

You need to move the party to a better fully American position and viewpoint and objective and out of Marxist land and protest verging on riots.

You need to do this so you can confront and overcome that outdated ‘for life position’ in the supreme court. It is an un-American thing that needs to be amended.

“I have no problem with people being catholic and I am not stuck on rowing or wading, but I have a big problem with people who cannot separate church from state and end up as top ranking judges, and don’t pretend your religion doesn’t spill over into politics, and don’t pretend there isn’t some form of corruption or pseudo-conspiracy to control going on in the republican party and not being confronted and overcome by conservative supreme court members, and when you have a rightwing conspiracy then religious rule is usually a step behind, so you would not see things as clearly as you would need to due to having beliefs that are too similar”