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The word ‘overthrown’ is not too strong, and the upset over racial injustice needs to rev up even higher with an even bigger cause.

An angry determination without riot but with a firm resolve and deep knowing of being right in our knowing that it is as well We The People being robbed of freedom and heritage of America by entrenched powerbases and a wielded government… and we must act like a juggernaut to become a juggernaut.

This is America and it is about We The People and it is not about you the government, and you the government have become a bunch of scheming semi-monarchy that needs to be gotten rid of, it needs to be finally overthrown. It does not need to be violent, there does not need to be hangings and such. But it does need to be an angry determination or it will just continually flounder.

we can’t keep falling for the big scheme hiding behind plausible deniability, we are losing to it and it’s long-range cheated chess match, and it is time we stand up and fight it and put it down forever!”

There is a really big difference for We The People when it comes to liberals and conservatives, though the democrats are off in the wrong direction a little too hard sometimes and need to shape up and get rid of their own corruption and scheming (partly born of being stuck in a larger corruption and scheming that they could not overcome and have adapted to it using it’s ways).

There is an underlying big control corrupt powerbase within the government that is primarily republican and it has an aspiration to control and engage in economic monarchy and worse, and if it is not defeated it will have advanced access to means of controlling the population through scientific advancements.