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This is one of the big truths that goes missing, and something that I have had to learn and still am.

And for the record, mr president, in some ways or in some things I am even smarter than you are, though my academic grades do not show it.

Being creative and intuitive and understanding the problem from a different angle and seeing a groupthink mistake and being maverick where they fear to tread is a very good tool for a leader, the signs of a historical leader.

I accord you this because it is part of who you are, and what you tried to achieve.

I as well am this thing and would have done similar things, I would have seen the issue from a different angle and spotted the thing that people were not seeing, and set out to fix it.

Though I don’t think the tariffs worked out well I understand the impulse behind ‘America first’, and I understand how the liberals have been a little too hostile to economic forces while stupidly relying on tax gathering at a bigger rate than republicans. Working people foot the bill.

The ultimate bottom lines you have not reached as an intelligent intuitive fixer of problems deal with landowners, and patent holders, and economics forced on the whole, and these are not the actual scientific bottom line.

They as well deal with the ancient nature that is being destroyed or intruded on too far by a now vast population with very advanced means at their disposal that are too money oriented and not caring of the destruction to a priceless old natural world, an old natural world that is our heritage and a place that allows us to feel peace again (unlike suburbia and the city).

There was an older normal here that got usurped by a system that forced land owning and patent holding and other such things on a basic human lifestyle that predate it and are in the end superior to it.

But along the way to getting us back to normal there is a huge system in place that must be worked from within. The unfortunate part is that it mistakes itself for being the most important thing and it is not and can never be.

It, with it’s economic solution, is one part of a larger whole yet it keeps making the wrong choice for the whole, while there is another side that is doing the same with it’s own choice, but all along is a larger whole that both of these are a part of and this is what must be the final solution maker, the thing that does both, yet is separate.

Part of the secret to that final thing these others fit within is that it is normal, and it is into self-sufficiency as opposed to welfare state, and it is into full automation as opposed to jobs.

Being intelligent you should begin to realize what scientists and utopia have been saying all along and it is about us not living in the most intelligent way nor off the bottom line of science but are stuck within the hard working constructs of man that are now outdated, reinforced by a religion that is not but as well does not have all the facts when it makes a determination against building free time freedom utopia and supports an economic system to insure the hard working traditions continue.

New Eden Now, Please!