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{panic as well being the right emotion that brings the strong enough reaction to shut the thing down}

So despite the other stuff that works in the opposite direction this is a very big piece of info you should not try to downplay.

The big political game is a ‘keep them off balance long enough to garner the votes’ that does not need full facts and uses people’s opinions instead of facts; and people’s opinions are not always well-thought through things but instead are a jump-to-conclusion and vent our unhappiness about other things at the same time…

As far as shutting the economy down a democrat president would have had a lot less support and would have faced a tougher challenge in this important step.

The real leader should be more reliant on the truth though one can get by and win elections with that political game stuff. They should not blind themselves with staining the opponents record. They should not assume or pretend that all decisions the opponent made are bad ones.

it does seem like some of you were playing ‘complaint politics’ against the prudent action of shutting the country down for air travel… so let us not get too caught up in track records”