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The Spokesmen for these things are never telling the full truth. They work within a rigged system. They force their methods on everyone else. They never see how unhappy their method makes everyone else. But there they are thriving at their method and pushing themselves up a wrongful ladder of control called politics, where they continue to ensure we are all enslaved to their working man method and their economy.

{Hint: For many ages your group has been part of a very big method on an extra-dimensional level. The whole time you are doing this big titanic work push you are getting objections from all the rest of us. You from your control spots and forced realism get angry and deaf to our objections. You have run into two major obstacles.

You cannot ultimately win what you were overcoming, and you are now getting warred for continuing to force your method on all the rest of us as well as all the years of bullying. By being overpowered and pushy you pushed things into being stuck in a wrongful method, and one that forces the failure of others that are innocent and weaker.

Your working man method needs to be debunked due to these things, and you can do whatever works that is left of that on your own time, not forcing us into it as well, and we don’t do well at it often times anyways. You accidently re-enabled one of the worst crimes ever to have existed, one that has been being shut down for millions of years due to the nature of what one is secretly up against, and the collateral damage that happens when you take it on with a war}