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I do not trust you people one bit. I have watched your methods and mentality the whole time.

So now you have dr mammon with his harvard job and his 15 thousand fellow doctor mammons out trying to make anti-lockdown policy.

All that proves is that there a lot of lying republican doctors. We discovered from global warming deniers that there are a lot of lying republican scientists as well.

I am sure not all of these were republican but you get to be grouped with your scopes monkey trial creationist cohorts on this one… as just punishment. It is very rational to reopen the economy and it is very irrational to reopen the economy. It is vastly more rational to do a pandemic lockdown in a strict way one last time to burn the thing out for good.

Did you insist on mass producing enough of the top grade masks to give out to the people? Don’t bother talking back, mr professional doctor and your economics, stfu! If you did you failed at it.

I did better than many or most of you in this from the get go. Your judgement has been clouded by the false realism of economics for far too long.

These doctors and scientists are not fully trustworthy people. They are people who at times do things for economic reasons more than science ones. This is why I lay the mammon accusation on them. As well when I see them in action there is just something too wrong about them and their mentality. It is rightfully called mammon.

So I would take advice about doing the lockdown right for a change and getting it over quick over the advice of people that want us to get herd immunity in order to open up the economy again.

I ain’t interested in getting poked and prodded by vaccination. I am interested in a military discipline that does a lockdown very strict for a very short time and then we are through with it and not catching a virus that may have unforeseen consequences and may have been invented in a Chinese lab!

You f**king greedy reckless idiots. It is only a matter of time before we do face that threat and your method will contaminate us all!

Mammonite Doctors and their Plague Bearing Methods!