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It means this is not the man to follow the advice of.

Nice to see you are larger than life but it means nothing to the rest of us that have no interest in contracting Covid.

You were one step away from being the plague bearer president.

Contracting covid was not a gift from God it was the result of being an arrogant careless republican. Was overcoming it so easily a gift from God? Or was it a gift from being of German heritage?

Or was it a smart dude with some good medicine willing to take a risk. Or was it a medication that is not offered to the public due to sinister depopulation reasons sold as the government’s right to protect itself first and foremost above all others (while using false scarcity excuses to cover the lie of why it is not available to the public). Or was your whole covid experience merely a political stunt to push herd immunity and lead by example. Don’t expect people to automatically fully trust the majority of politicians. This isn’t just conspiracy theory it is what a rational mind must consider.

Covid has no doubt been overstated but as well this tough guy leader routine is not to be followed like a bunch of sheep off to get their anthrax.

If ever we face a worse virus than Covid you will have been some of the stupidest leaders ever to have existed. The plague bearing failed herd immunity stuck for life with a super virus created in the lab of your enemies, or one of your own that got out of where it was being illegally developed.

We are doing Pandemic Lockdown Practice in these. America gets a very low grade once again, didn’t take it seriously, complains too much, breaks the rules too much, gives conflicting and bad advice too much, does things for the sake of economics instead of our health too much.