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Nothing he could tell if he did.

Nothing he could properly detect if he never stumbled upon it.

Nothing he would tell if a part of it.

“there is something very logical about not trusting you and something very illogical about trusting you, and this isn’t conspiracy theory it is just basic logic, and this is what the professionals fail to see as they run around being the big authority in an economic system that has some major weirdness going on somewhere behind or within the big powerful spots”

Never demand that we trust you. It is illogical to trust you. We need actual personal verification not the promises that are given by the corruptible professional authority. We need complete empowerment and 100% transparency not a bunch of promises from people we can not fully trust.

This as well isn’t Hollywood it is part of basic logic. There is not enough logic in trusting your institutions, there is logic in verifying for ourselves. There is no logic in being belittled by professionals there is logic in empowering ourselves to verify for ourselves.

None of your promises allay lasting doubts. There is nothing in what you do that ultimately proves there isn’t a conspiracy and it all relies on trusting you!

We don’t trust you and there is historical precedence in not trusting big institutions ruling over people. There is very little historical precedence in trusting big institutions ruling over people.