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Too bad about the disability and therefor inability to run for office or sit in the job if selected.

Being the finest leader in the world at this point in history I can tell you where to find the thing you are looking for.

It is in a leader yet it is not in a leader, it is in a new style of doing things that is we the people, and the leader needs to be one of we the people instead of the big ruler spot.

And we the people must be very vigilant and decisive when it comes to the old political powerbases and their underhanded tricks to undermine us and try to maintain their wrongful rule with their preemptive actions.

They must be treated as suspects to some degree. That is what they have earned for how they have evolved. This means that they must be under surveillance by we the people and we the people must intervene at the drop of a hat.

No dirty tricks means no getting busted. We are not here to harass the old power bases, we are here to not lose to your dirty tricks and illegal preemptive shenanigans.

All the leaders need to be we the people and not big authority law maker spots. That does not mean they cannot be from the politician base but it means that if they are they have to understand and be one of we the people and not the big elevated authority spot. They need to understand the change that must occur and help enact it.

There is no logic in that method of the big authority ruler spots. You do not belong elevated above us to orchestrate things. And you are far from always right. And you are not free of corruption. And you do not change enough. And you lie too much. And we do not agree with some of the stuff you choose. And we have been too depowered psychologically by being socialized into the big authority leadership thing.

So we the people will work with an average joe as president and there will be a set of basic principles of laws that we the people come together to agree on.

We the people need to be empowered as well as more fully educated (so our inaccuracies and whims do not cloud things). One of the things that the big authority has done is create an imbalance in the people psychologically. We need to grow up away from de-empowered reactionary to more rational and considerate.

People do like leaders but at the same time self-autonomy is very important for the human species. You mistake alpha male for more than it is and you make a mistake in trying to prop that animal stuff up over the more advanced human species.